Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Harry Potter: The Archive

I’m all ready to go with the next book, but it’s Thanksgiving week, so I figured I would just wrap up for this week with a review of all the Harry Potter pieces I’ve written over the years.
Last week I annotated the first twenty pages of Harry Potter and wrote a series of posts about what we can learn from those pages:

But Ive written a lot about Harry over the years.  Most infamously, I did my Harry Potter Meddler Week:
But Ive also written lots of other posts about Harry over the years:


James Kennedy said...

Wow, those are some ugly-ass Harry Potter covers! Were you on-purpose looking for the most unappealing versions? I mean, you could have gone with the classic original British versions, though to be sure those aren't great. You could've gone with the welcoming GrandPre covers (which I frankly prefer) or the ambitious Kibuishi covers (which I think we will probably have to accept as definitive, but luckily they're quite good, though a little chilly for my taste). But it seems as though you took extra time and effort to track down the shittiest Harry Potter covers of all time for your image. Why? Is this some Brooklyn hipster shit? Haven't we Midwesterners beaten this out of you yet?

Matt Bird said...

Because German hipster Harry Potter is the best Harry Potter.

Matt Bird said...

(And Kibuishi didn't sell as well as GrandPre so Scholastic has reverted)

James Kennedy said...

I prefer GrandPre, so that's good news!

Although I did like how Kibuishi's spines all lined up to make an image of Hogwarts itself.