Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Secrets of Story Podcast: The Archive

Hi guys, I figured I should go ahead and create an archive page for my podcast (I’ve already archived the ten episodes I guest-co-hosted the Narrative Breakdown podcast). We sure have been slow in putting these things out (Five episodes in eight months!), but I always enjoy them when I do. Feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes and rate us and review us there!

In the first episode, I introduce my co-host James Kennedy and we debate about how critical you should be of your own work, based on this post:

 In our second episode, James and I debate one step in my structure, in which I claim that the hero should try the easy way:
 In our third episode, we broke format for a super-sized episode in which James performed his Laika script with his niece and nephew, than I jumped in to give notes.   This episode turned out to be, in my opinion, eminently skippable, but I include it in the interest of completeness...
In our fourth episode, James and debate about contentious dialogue.  (Interestingly, I can find no one post where I recommend contentious dialogue. This is the closest I could find.)
In the fifth episode James and I are joined by acclaimed novelist Jonathan Auxier and we debate about how strict you have to be with POV in your prose, based on this post.
Hopefully there will be more to come soon!

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Corey Pierno said...

The third episode, where you break down a raw script is fantastic. I don’t know why you think it’s skippable. It gives an insight into your process that is fresh, since the script is a first draft. I would beg for more like this, but I know it takes a lot of work. Perhaps you guys could make it a twice a year thing?