Monday, December 13, 2021

Marvel Reread Club Episode 18: Special Guest Jeremy Whitley Helps Us Meet the Wasp!

It’s a new Marvel Reread Club where we read just one issue, June 1963’s Tales to Astonish #44, joined by special guest Jeremy Whitley, the only writer to have written a Marvel comic starring any version of the Wasp in her own book! Pillbox hats! Laughter and gaiety! Sluggards confused with dullards!


Ilya Katulin said...

Hi there! Greetings from the snowy Moscow! My name is Ilya (pronounces like "eel" then stressed "ya"), and I have no idea if I am that 'one' listener from behind the snow curtain, as in the age of VPNs there are lots of things one can do to appear in virtually any place on Earth, but chances are I am that person you're referring to. I am immensely enjoying your podcast, and I do follow it from the very beginning, so go figure!

It so happened that my career was in acting and directing (first, an actor at a local Moscow theatre, and then an assistant director position, which until COVID hit allowed to stage short stories on my own too), and this explains my interest in storytelling techniques, "laws", rules, and such. I am also an avid Audible subscriber, and listen to lots of audiobooks in my spare time in traffic, and one of the audiobooks I've been listening was "The Secrets of Story" by Matt (thank you for that book, seriously, one of the most interesting, provoking, and insightful books of modern times on story structure, character creation, and general guidelines. Then I've learned there's "Secrets of Story" podcast, which I was immediately hooked on (and I do appreciate it being sparsely regular), and when I learned there will be a comics-related podcast, I made sure to subscribe!

Again, huge thanks for the pure fun, joy, and occasional cheeky references you're mixing into the podcast, apart from the historical facts and random trivia. The super heroes are all the rage now, and even though my job has changed, I am still telling stories as a visual storyteller at the Anglo-American School of Moscow, and those stories need to be relevant, especially when they are about our students (which is 90% of them all). Learning the humble beginnings of the now super-popular franchises gives a perspective and point of connection, for which I am always grateful to you.

And last but not least, thank you for evolving the podcast and inviting guests, the most recent episode with Jeremy Whitley was a blast!

Happy holiday season, and cheers! Your Moscow comrade. ;)

Matt Bird said...

Hi Ilya, great to hear from a listener! Thanks so much for getting the book and listening to the two podcasts. I'm glad that the rabidly-pro-American content of early Marvel (and our joking about it) has not kept you from enjoying the podcast. Great that you're still getting to tell stories, and best of luck getting stories on the stage again if Covid ever ends!