Monday, February 22, 2021

Believe Care Invest Blockbuster Week: Jaws

A girl slips off to the beach to go skinny-dipping with a boy, then gets eaten by a giant shark. We then meet the beach town’s sheriff Brody, waking up cranky. The girls body is found and Brody decides to close the beaches, but the mayor orders them re-opened.

Why Brody might be hard to identify with: He’s a little dour, a little cranky.

  • Distinct way of talking: New York: His wife asks, “Can you see the kids?” “They must be in the back yard.” “In Amity, you say ‘yahd.’” They’re in the yahd, not too fah from the cah. How’s that?” “Like you’re from New York.”
  • Unique backstory: New York cop becomes New England island sheriff.
  • Feels like he doesn’t belong: The sun’s too bright in this beach town. His first line, asking his wife: “How come the sun didn’t use to shine in here?” “We bought the house in the fall, this is summer.”
  • His son was injured on a swing he hasn’t gotten around to fixing.
  • Trying to deal with a death but he’s forced to deal with podunk problems: “We got a bunch of calls about that karate school. It seems the nine year olds from the school have been karate-ing the picket fences.”
  • Clumsy: He knocks over all the paint brushes.
  • Medical examiner changes his story on him, leaving him twisting in the wind.
  • Mayor has no respect for his decision to close the beaches. Told he doesn’t have the authority.
  • Soon, he’ll get slapped by a woman whose son died because he didn’t close the beaches.
  • He’s got a big police truck.
  • He takes charge with the kid. “You mean she ran out on you.” One of the cops breaks down, almost in tears, but Brody mans up to face the corpse.
  • He bravely tries to close the beaches immediately. No one has ever made “beach closed” signs before.
  • Strength / Flaw: Dedicated to his job / Cranky (And afraid of the water, as we’ll find out later)

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