Tuesday, January 19, 2021

31 Days of Believe Care Invest: Snowpiercer

In 2031, a train rattles through a frozen Earth with the rich people in the front and the poor people in the back. A young man named Curtis leads the poor people in a revolt.

Why Curtis might be hard to identify with: Well, he seems a little too healthy to be totally believable as a desperately poor person. (Evans had just bulked up to play Captain America)

  • All the details are bizarre. All humanity lives on a moving train. They’re given gelatinous black cubes to eat.
  • The guards are glumly brutal but not sadists, so the movie doesn’t feel manipulative. They’re just doing their jobs.
  • Their life is a living hell. Their children are being taken from them for some nefarious purpose. One of them is tortured by having his arm put outside the train, then smashed with a hammer when it’s frozen.
  • We can guess that Curtis despises himself for some reason. “I’m not who you think I am.”
  • He talks to a kid like an adult, doing an elaborate high five with a young black kid.
  • He’s strategizing. He figures out there are four seconds when all three gates are open at once.
  • He’s worshipped for his leadership. “Edgar just wants to help, you know. Thinks the world of you.” “He shouldn’t worship me the way he does.”
  • He notices things. “They don’t have bullets. Remember what Mason said? She said ‘put down that useless gun.’”

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