Saturday, January 23, 2021

31 Days of Believe Care Invest: Wendy and Lucy

Wendy is living out of her car in the Pacific Northwest along with her dog Lucy and gradually making her way to Alaska. She hangs out with some hoboes by a bonfire who give her tips. A security guard wakes her up in her car and tells her she has to move it, but it won’t start. 

Why Wendy might be hard to identify with: She’s a homeless drifter and we’re not used to identifying with those. It seems selfish for her to have a dog she can’t really take care of, as she’ll realize in the closing moments of the movie.

  • She fairly aimless but she does have a goal in mind: Alaska. One of her fellow hoboes knows all about Alaska and shares some fun stories about working on docks there.
  • She carefully traces her route so far on a map. She keeps careful track of all her expenses, showing us the details of her life. We always like physicalization.
  • Her sweatshirt and shorts and sneakers feel very normal. She doesn’t look like Michele Williams.
  • She’s living in her car, hanging out with scary tattooed hoboes in railyards at night.
  • She gets hassled by cops who wake her up in her car. “You can’t sleep here, ma’am.” Then her car won’t start.
  • Not much reason. She’s not very resourceful. When her car won’t start, she tries looking under the hood, but clearly has no idea what she’s looking at.
  • She’s certainly loving to her dog, which makes us root for her somewhat. (Though on one level, we’re just rooting for her to find a better home for that dog. But when she does so at the end, it’s devastating.)

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