Thursday, January 07, 2016

Every Star Wars Post

Hi guys, I’m glad my posts this week on The Force Awakens were so popular. Just so you know, I’ve written a lot about the series and what it can tell you about writing, so feel free to sample any or all of the below. (As for next week, I’m tempted to rush into my year-end list to keep the current-movie discussion going, but it’s not ready, so I’ll spend two weeks dissecting a recent pilot instead – I hope people stick around anyway!)

The Ultimate Story Checklist: Star Wars

How Star Wars Proves That Legacies are Better than Prophesies 

The Value of Obi Wan’s Counterintuitive Metaphor Family in Star Wars

Luke as Emotional Manipulator in Star Wars

The Value of the Half-Fact in Star Wars

The Way the Worlds Work in Star Wars

The Value of Shaggy Dog Storytelling in Star Wars

Considering Luke's Late Introduction and the Deleted Scenes of Star Wars

James Kennedy wrote an in-depth letter (1, 2, 3) about why we like Luke, and I responded

How Star Wars Tapped into Real Life National Pain

How Return of the Jedi Dared to Confront the Great Hypocrisy

How Star Wars Set Its Tone and Rewrote Our Genre Expectations

Freudian and Jungian Arcs in Star Wars

The Value of Moving Up the Timeline in Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back

The Value of Writing it Bad Today so You Can Write It Better Tomorrow

The Way That No World Works in the Prequels

And finally, I did a four-part series (1, 2, 3, 4) entitled The Force Awakens Was Great Until It Wasn’t

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James Kennedy said...

Matt, by giving me a platform, you've created a monster. The blog is going to make me famous! PEOPLE: If you liked my unorthodox opinions about Luke Skywalker, wait'll you hear my theory about how Mulholland Drive and Upstream Color are palindromes of each other! It's a mind-blower!