Monday, October 14, 2013

The New Ultimate Story Checklist is Up!

The last update wasn’t so long ago, so why the new one? Because in the meantime I wrote the first 2/3 or my book, which culminates in the checklist!  (The last 1/3 is about re-writing, etc.)

For the book, I started out with the blog material, but I wound up totally re-writing most of it and reshaping it into something very new. As a result, the checklist was totally rewritten based on how the book chapters organize the material.

Long-time readers will notice that many questions have moved into different sections, some have been added, and some have gone away. Hopefully, each section now has more logical coherence and more of a shape to it, as I progress from the general concept through ways in which that concept plays out over the course of the story. (The Q-and-A session I did after the last checklist was also extremely helpful, so thanks again to those in-depth commenters!)

Here are two reasons I’m doing this now:
  • I want to have more sample checklists in the back of the book, so I want to start running new movies through it and generating those.
  • As I edit the book, I get tired of seeing the same examples over and over, so I want to use those new movies to find new ones.
So look forward to more Checklist Roadtests, coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

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Parker said...

Just in time for my revisions. Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to see how your book turns out.