Sunday, October 13, 2013

Narrative Breakdown Podcast on Character Flaws

Here we are again, folks, I’ve co-hosted another episode of James Monohan and Cheryl Klein’s storytelling podcast “The Narrative Breakdown”.

This time, we’re talking about character flaws, and I think we came to some excellent conclusions by mixing together out different perspectives. And guess what, there’s a lot more “Breaking Bad” talk, in case you haven’t heard enough of that!
(Including talk of the dear, departed Gale, who manages to cook meth in a much less flawed way.)

Here are some past posts on flaws that I touch on: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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Also, this is awesome:
"El Paso" scene in Breaking Bad plus the rest of it from Bonnie Rose on Vimeo.

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Harvey Jerkwater said...

For your amusement: In El Paso, there actually is a Rosa's Cantina. It's an old dump on Doniphan Drive. My wife grew up a stone's throw from it.

Across the street is the sad ditch that is the Rio Grande in those parts, and in the distance, the mountains and scrub brush. Walk about thirty feet south, you're in New Mexico. Walk about a mile and a half south, you're in Ciudad Juarez.

The beer is cheap at Rosa's. I suspect they don't hire waitresses named "Felina," though. No sense tempting fate.