Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Having a Moment

So, funny thing. As you may have read in yesterday’s comments, regular reader Christine Tyler was nice enough to give me a Ripest Pick award over at her excellent novel-writing blog The Writer Coaster (Here’s a sample entry about, among other things, “Why I Passed By Your Blog”, which I took some tips from). Thanks for the shout-out, Christine.

So a couple of hours later, I realized I should check to see how big of a bump Christine’s readers had given my stats, which are usually about 250 hits or so a day. Here’s what I saw:

Oh holy hell, I stammered, that woman commands an army! Then I clicked on the “Came From” and found out that, yes, I got plenty of visitors from Christine, but also, by coincidence, this was the day that Metafilter decided to link to every movie post I’d ever written. If you enjoy the movie write-ups, I encourage you to go over there and check out the 128 comments, where lots of fun mini-discussions are had about movies we’ve covered here.

So thanks as well to Metafilter poster “Iridic”, and welcome to the hordes of readers who have just found this blog! I hope some of you stick around and join our little community here.


Christine Tyler said...

"Oh holy hell, I stammered, that woman commands an army!"

Oh how I wish this had actually been my fault...

Sean (Iridic) said...

You're entirely welcome! It was the least I could do for anyone trying to get the word out about Holiday, Charley Varrick, and Junebug.

Matt Bird said...

How'd you run across the blog, Sean?

Sean said...

Well, I'd just seen this fantastic little thriller, and I was trying to figure out why I'd never heard about it before, why it never came up in discussions about or reviews of Pulp Fiction or No Country For Old Men.

So I Googled for charley varrick underrated. And that was that.