Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talk of the Town

So in case you hadnt figured it out yet, its a low-content week here at Cockeyed Caravan. Oh the plans I had, oh the pile of Netflix movies thats staring me in the face, but its not to be... Instead, this blog has been becoming kind of... like a real blog. I dont want to go too far in that direction, but heres my bloggiest blog post yet, in which I blandly boast about the chi-chi parties Ive been to around Old New Amsterdam...

Some friends of mine had a launch party for the latest issue of their zine, I Love Bad Movies. This one has a piece from yours truly-- Their theme was Visions of the Future so I adapted and expanded my write-up of Demolition Man. We all got together to launch it last night over beers at the great Brooklyn bar Sharlenes. (Okay, full disclosure, I know Sharlene, too, but I can still make an independent judgment about the quality of her bar) If you like reading about movie-love, and I know you do, order yourself a copy of the zine here.

I also discovered that a ludicrously over-the-top party I attended a week or two ago wound up getting write-ups in all sorts of places. And of course there was Old Owl Eyes in the corner, looking on disdainfully at all of the wickedness...
I had heard them singing, each to each, but then I realized that they were singing for the popcorn guy behind me. That’s our hostess on the left, by the way. And okay, here’s another:

This is me, my lovely wife (looking oddly worried, but you can see her having a better time above) and a couple next to us that we didn’t know-- well it turns out that the guy is the massively talented keyboardist Franz Nicolay, recently departed from one of my favorite bands, “The Hold Steady”, so that's pretty cool.

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