Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh Well

Well that’s that. The TV season is already over for me.

(Must hide from my audience that I’m still watching the very silly show that killed “Lone Star”, NBC’s “The Event”… Must maintain my carefully crafted image as a New-Yorker-critiquing pseudo-intellectual…)

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Steve Bird said...

Based solely on the marketing, I find it hard to believe that anyone (who is not a screenwriting professional keeping track of the biz nooffenseallduerespect) is watching The Event.

a) it's on NBC -- they can still make a sit com, but didn't they give up entirely on hour-long scripted dramas? I find it hard to take them seriously when they so recently just walked away from the form.

b) it looks like a rip-off of FlashForward, but without a premise interesting enough to, y'know, actually tell us about it. "It's a big Event! What is the Event? Watch and you'll find out (I'm sure we'll come up with something by then)." And FlashForward, while initially interesting, crashed and burned in the second half of the season!