Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Week: All Killer No Filler!

Coming tomorrow: No post!
Coming Sunday night: The new Cockeyed Caravan!

Okay, it won't be that different, but I've been obsessed with not missing a day, even if it means giving you guys a lot of filler, and that attitude has gotta go. Starting next week, you'll see a new focus on quality over quantity, so that means 4-5 posts a week, and some new features that will maybe spend a few days looking at one movie rather than feeling like I have to start from scratch every day. I also feel like I wanna be a little less didactic. More questions, fewer answers, that sorta thing.

Please please please keep coming around! I know my numbers will take a big hit if I forgo the "reliable daily fix" aspect of blogging, but I still plan on having content several times a week, and from now on I'll won't just fill the hole unless I think it's worth your time. Don't nobody move!

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Unknown said...

I'm in favor of quality over quantity, and I applaud the freedom of the new 'ground rules' you're setting for yourself. When a movie justifies it, there's nothing wrong with spreading out your coverage of it over a couple of days' blogs! We come here to hear what you think, not because we want to hem you in or limit you to a pre-set length or format. Ad astra!