Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Scriptshadow Readers!

For those who haven't seen, I wrote an in-depth piece today for Scriptshadow rounding up books that could be adapted for the screen, three that are older and three that are just coming out. Go check out that bonus content! And for those coming from Scriptshadow, welcome! Scroll down or pick from the sidebar to your right to get started. Carson gets a lot more comments than I do, so hopefully I can bring some of that talkativeness over here!


Joe G said...

Fantastic piece over at Scriptshadow. I'm going to eBay ASAP to order a bunch of Ballard. I've only read CRASH and CRYSTAL WORLD and some stories, but your description of CONCRETE ISLAND (along with growing guilt over not having read EMPIRE OF THE SUN or HIGH RISE) made me realize I need to make Ballard a summer reading project.

Anonymous said...

Nice reproduction on your opening page. Is it by Edward Hopper?

Matt Bird said...

Yup, that's "New York Movie" by Hopper.