Friday, April 09, 2010

Great Moments in Comics #5: Judge Dredd Vs. The Comics Pusher

Set in a dystopian future metropolis that covers all of North America, Judge Dredd has been a wildly popular British satire of American over-policing ever since its debut in 1977. But when the strip was first starting out, they had a little problem—they were playing it too straight. Dredd was coming off as more of a genuinely righteous Dirty Harry type than the satirical figure he was supposed to be.

It was only with the 20th issue of the anthology 2000 A.D. that John Wagner and artist Mike McMahon were finally able to make it clear that the fans were not supposed to be cheering Dredd on. Readers must have been shocked when Dredd chose to cleanse Mega-City One of the worst of all cultural plagues—comics...

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