Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Moments in Comics #1: Tintin REALLY Defeats the Indians

The earliest Tintin books, the ones that they no longer reprint, are fascistic and unpleasant. The later books, which are the most loved, are mostly apolitical. But, for me, there's that sweet spot in between, once creator Herge's personal politics started to improve, but he was still trying to work some satire into the mix. He never stopped working with racist caricatures, of course, but he was using them to try to say some subversive things for a while. This moment is from Tintin in America. Tintin has been trapped under a rock by a stereotypical Native-American-chief. He's been in Indian territory for days at this point, always on the run. What's his solution? Easy: he discovers oil. Within three hours, whites have replaced the prairie with a teeming metropolis.

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