Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Hey, Where’s Marvel Reread Club?

Let’s face it folks, Marvel Reread Club is a little off-brand for this blog, especially since I’ve been using it as an excuse to not post anything else! So I’ve moved it over to its own site, named, logically enough, marvelrereadclub.com! I’ll keep it in the sidebar, but now that link will lead you to the new site!

So what does this mean to SecretsOfStory.com? It’s means I’ll have to start generating actual content!
  • First I’ll post an episode of my long-forgotten other podcast, The Secrets of Story Podcast! It’s a good one!
  • Then I’ll spend three days finishing up the Expanded Ultimate Story Checklist for Structure
  • Then I’ll take a break from the EUSC for a super-fun new 9-part series.
  • At some point I’ll post my new book videos!
That all starts tomorrow! See you soon.


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