Monday, December 20, 2021

Episode 35: Co-Authoring and Transgression with Keir Graff and Linda Joffe Hull

Welcome back to “The Secrets of Story Podcast”! This time, a whopping two guests join us to discuss the feat of co-authoring three thrillers as “Linda Keir”, including “The Swing of Things”, which leads to a discussion of whether or not transgression need always be punished in American literature.


June said...

Merry Christmas Matt,
You made a difficult year merry and bright!
Love June

Matt Bird said...

Wonderful to hear! We're having a tough holiday here: We all got Covid and had to cancel our long-delayed Disneyworld trip. The kids are symptom free and Betsy and I have the sniffles.

Johannes said...

Hilarious episode and insightful, thanks to all 4 of you!

This podcast has amazing writing advice and has taught me a lot. Listen to it in my car while commuting to work and back, and snacking on some boerie bun McDonald’s breakfast (only available in SA) - makes traffic a breeze!

Keep em coming,
Johannes (from South Africa)