Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Marvel Reread Club Episode 5: September 1962 (Part 1)

Hello everyone and welcome back! I promise that I will have non-MRC content on this blog soon. I am currently editing not one but two episodes of the “Secrets of Story Podcast”, and there’s more goodies to come!

But for now, let’s dive into September, 1962. There were five issues that month and we recorded 100 minutes talking about them, but we decided to split that into two episodes, so this week, for part one, we’ll just be discussing Amazing Fantasy #15 (introducing Spider-Man) and Fantastic Four #6. Spider-pupils! Unstable molecules!

And come back next week for Part 2!


Joel W. said...

Hey Matt (and Steve), just want to let you know that these podcasts are enjoyable. I primarily come to the blog for story and writing stuff of course, and I'm not the biggest marvel followerer, but this is a nice thing to listen to nonetheless. It's interesting! Glad you're doing them. Also thanks for mentioning how certain things relate or don't relate to the MCU for us simple folk.

Matt Bird said...

Glad you're enjoying them!

Joel W. said...

About Spider-Man's web shooters being narratively finicky vs. their value as showing Peter to be a self-made hero:

What if he had organic webbing, and made web shooters to control it?

Read this idea just recently a few days ago. Nice compromise. Still shows his intellect. You could still get narrative mileage out of the shooters as they remain an external object and might control how far or fast his webs can shoot, when the web gets cut from his wrist. Dangerous or costly when they break, etc. You could even still have recharge cartridges necessary for the devices to function, if you really wanted to.

I can't help but think there's an alternate universe out there this idea was used, and that universe's readers would find it very weird if Spider-Man didn't make organic webs.