Saturday, July 10, 2021

Guest Appearance on "Pod Dylan" discussing "Restless Farewell"!

Hi, everybody! So I sure hope you like the sound of my voice (which I myself am not crazy about) because if you check out all my podcast appearances you’re going to be hearing a lot of me in the coming weeks. I continue to put out “Marvel Reread Club” every week, we have not one but two episodes of “The Secrets of Story Podcast” all edited and ready to go once they gain James’s approval, and now we have my appearance on a third, totally different podcast!

One of my personal favorite podcasts is “Pod Dylan” where host Rob Kelly and a guest examine a different Dylan song in depth every week. I’ve been invited to be on many podcasts over the years, but this is the first time that I’ve initiated it. I’m such a fan that I just wrote Rob out of the blue and asked if I could come on his show as a guest. I proposed a few songs and this was the one he picked. We discuss 1964’s “Restless Farewell”, one of my favorites.

Here's the podcast, and here’s video of Bob performing the song for Frank Sinatra:

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