Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Annotation Project: The Order of Odd Fish

Hey, we never did James’s book! Let’s fix that.  You can buy it on Amazon here or Audible here. And we’ll discuss it on the next podcast!


James Kennedy said...

Insightful as usual! I'm looking forward to talking about this on the podcast!

I agree with your film professor about having lots of parties in a story. Parties are fun to write (and read)! Looking at other stuff that I've written that is not yet published, I do seem to write a lot of party scenes with lots of characters sparking off each other.

I had never heard of the stereotype that Irish writers have lots of bodily fluids in their books. Other than Joyce, who are you thinking of?

No, the hedgehog is never mentioned again, but I figured we could take it as read that the cops or an ambulance came . . . I guess not!

Matt Bird said...

Angela’s Ashes is one big boiling stewpot of bodily fluids

James Kennedy said...

OK, you got two!

Lon said...

John Banville is another great Irish writer obsessed with fleshy and fluidy description (ie grog blossoms being my favourite) I like how you point out the "uneasy mix of middle-grade and YA" in this Kennedy classic. I find the target demographic problem bizarre as most of the middle-aged men I know are avid fans of superhero movies, middle-earth, Star Wars etc. so I am trying to target a family demographic, but I find it tough going.

Matt Bird said...

Swift! How did I forget Swift??