Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Annotation Project: Matilda

And we’re back! And I got the book back from my editor! Her verdict: She likes it!  But she says it needs more book examples. The problem, as always, is that there are few books that everybody has read. I imploringly ask you for examples of books that everybody has read that you’d like to see featured here. In the meantime, here’s one: Matilda!  Download this here.  BCI tomorrow.



AlexNic said...

Hi Matt, here Ale from Italy!

I'm looking forward to read your new book!

More examples?

Maybe you don't have to look for books that everyone has read; you just need to insert book adapted in movies that everyone knows.

I mean, just look at Stephen King.

Matt Bird said...

I've never done any King! That's crazy. I've only done the movie of The Shining. Of course, I've never read a King novel, just his short stories, so that's an issue.