Thursday, February 04, 2021

Believe Care Invest: Supernatural

We see Sam and Dean’s mother get killed by a demon when Sam is a baby and Dean a little boy. 20 years later, Sam’s in college interviewing for law school while Dean hunts demons with their father. Their dad disappears, so Dean convinces Sam to come with him and try to find him.

Why Sam might be hard to identify with: He’s the stick in the mud who’s not sure if he should rescue his dad.

  • He has a legacy (demon hunting) that contrasts with his goal (law school), tearing him in two directions.
  • Watched his mother burn to death and his house burn down as a baby.
  • He has a problematic dad: “When I told dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45”
  • He’s estranged from his brother and father (and his dad’s gone missing).
  • His brother hits on his girlfriend.
  • He has a deadline: “I have to get back first thing Monday.”
  • Just scored 174 on his LSAT
  • He’s able to hold his own against an intruder (who turns out to be his brother.)
Strength / Flaw: Smart / Unadventurous

Why Dean might be hard to identify with: He wants to take away Sam’s chance for a better life. He hits on Dean’s girlfriend in front of him.

  • He’s got a strong personality. “What, a job interview? Skip it!”
  • Mother murdered, had to raise baby brother.
  • His dad (and demon-hunting partner) is missing.
  • He feels abandoned by his smarter brother.
  • He’s able to hold his own in a fight vs. his brother.
  • He’s a hero. His brother complains about how they can’t find the demon that killed their mother, so they just “kill everything we can find.” Dean says, “Save a lot of people doing it, too.”
  • He’s got an awesome car with a trunk full of unique-looking weapons. 
 Strength / Flaw: Confident / Inconsiderate

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