Monday, February 08, 2021

Believe Care Invest: Moonlight

Young Chiron is chased by kids trying to beat him with sticks and takes refuge in an empty apartment used by drug users. He’s found there by a drug dealer named Juan who tries to help him but Chiron won’t speak. Chiron stays with Juan overnight and then finally tells his him where he lives in the morning. Juan brings Chiron home to his mother, who works at a hospital. She’s glad to see he’s home. He then plays soccer with his friends. The next day, Juan teaches him to swim.

Why Chiron might be hard to identify with: His silence is like a super-power in some ways, but it does make him hard to get to know.

  • He has an appetite. “You don’t talk much but you damn sure can eat.”
  • He has big secrets. He won’t tell anybody anything.
  • He has a friend, Kevin.
  • Lots of kids try to beat him up.
  • His nickname is “Little”. He’s a little guy.
  • The neighborhood kids are so poor they play a soccer-like game with a ball made of paper.
  • We will eventually find out his mother is an addict.
  • He’s got the power of silence.
  • He’s wary.  He’s perceptive about Juan’s and his mother’s secrets.  
  • He does occasionally fight back (though he picks the wrong occasions to do so) 
Strength / Flaw: Resilience / Doesn’t accept help

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