Sunday, January 31, 2021

31 Days of Believe Care Invest: Black Panther

In 1992, we see T’Challa’s father arrest his uncle. Then we cut to 2008, where T’Challa and his friend Okoye are on a mission to extract Wakandan agent Nakia from an undercover mission with warlords in Nigeria. All three kick ass. 
Why T-Challa might be hard to identify with: We don’t meet him until 7 minutes into the movie. When we do, we see that he’s not as confident as some other superheroes. He’s barely in the top five of the most bad-ass people in this movie. 
  • Wakanda has internecine conflicts.
  • He has secrets. News reporters report how poor his country is, not suspecting the truth.
  • Something Marvel is always good with: He has friends. (Unlike the DC heroes.) He and Okoye josh like old pals, which goes so far to make these seem like real people with full lives.
  • A news report reminds us that his father has recently been murdered, as we saw in another movie.
  • He has an embarrassing tendency to freeze up around Nakia, which Okoye teases him about. “What are you talking about? I never freeze!” he says, unconvincingly.
  • He’s king of his country.
  • He has superpowers he gets from eating an herb.
  • He has neat gadgets for disabling the jeeps of the caravan he’s raiding. 
Strength/Flaw: Respectful of Ancestors / Too tied to bad traditions


Jordan said...

Worried that our 31 days are up!! I hope not. I love your ideas so much and I spend hours retooling my story to great effect.

Matt Bird said...

I've got good news for you...