Friday, October 23, 2020

Believe Care Invest: CSI

Why Gil might be hard to identify with: 
  • We’re used to seeing the heroic cops meet with the science guy in just one scene per episode. We like heroes with the agency necessary to see a case through from beginning to end, which CSIs don’t have.
  • He’s kind of cruel to the new hire. He takes Holly’s blood just to have fun with, then tricks her into eating a grasshopper. But after that period of hazing, he softens to her.
  • He’s got lots of mottos, such as “Forget about the husband, Warrick, forget about the assumptions, forget about your promotion, these things will only fool you, think about what cannot lie, the evidence.”
  • At the first act one, when Holly gets scared by a room full of corpses, he comforts her and then yells “You assholes” at the corpses.
  • He’s disrespected by his cop colleagues “Here comes the nerd squad.”
  • He’s embarrassed when a co-worker reminds him they went on a date that fizzled.
  • He’s got good eyes. He’s got lots of expertise. Right away, he finds a maggot on a corpse that tells him a lot, even things his fellow CSI can’t see.
Five Es
  • Eat: He eats a grasshopper.
  • Exercise: No.
  • Economic Activity: His job seems to be his life.
  • Enjoy: He works with a sly smile on his face.
  • Emulate: He acts like a real cop.
Rise above
  • Never.
  • Unlike some other science-minded heroes to come, he’s genuinely empathetic to the families of the victims.

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