Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Believe Care Invest: Cheers

Why Sam might be hard to identify with: 
  • He’s a bar owner, which is not generally regarded as a heroic profession. He seems like he might be a cad.
  • He knows all the tricks of the trade.
  • He’s a recovering alcoholic, which is a believable enough weakness for a bar owner.
  • He’s disrespected: Diane says, “I’m not in the habit of talking to bartenders.” Sam says, “I understand. One’s trying to move into my neighborhood.”
  • Diane correctly says, “What a shame such an astute observer of human nature is stuck behind a bar.”
  • He tricks and traps the underage customer into revealing himself.
  • His lover calls him a “magnificent pagan beast”, so if he’s a cad at least he’s a talented one. 
  • We side with his working class perspective and his wit. Diane quotes some poetry and says “That’s Donne.” Sam says “I hope so.”
  • He used to be one of best pitchers in baseball.
Five Es
  • Eat: He can’t answer the phone because he’s got a mouth full of coffee, so he has to mime.
  • Exercise: No.
  • Economic Activity: He’s running the bar he owns.
  • Enjoy: He’s amused by his employees and regulars. He enjoys poking fun at Diane.
  • Emulate: Not really.
Rise above
  • He refuses business in the first scene.
High five a black guy
  • No.
  • He’s gentle to the kid he refuses to serve.
  • He offers Diane and Sumner free champagne then offers her sympathy when it becomes clear she’s been ditched.

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