Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Connect Care Commit: The Silence of the Lambs

Why it might be hard to identify with Clarice:
  • No reason. She’s very easy to identify with.
  • She moves through several layers of FBI headquarters and it’s a very convincing world. Lecter notes many oddly specific things about her. He sniffs her and says, “Sometimes you wear L’Air du Temps, but not today.”
  • We feel for her when she has to ride in an elevator where everybody is taller than her, then when she’s ushered out of a room where they’re discussing Buffalo Bill. Chilton hits on her, humiliating her. She realizes that she’s been chosen because of her looks. Lecter insults her in lots of ways.
  • She runs past signs that say Hurt, Agony, Pain, Love It, which is pretty bad-ass. We admire that she stands up to Crawford and Chilton in little ways. We admire her for doing a good job sparring with Lecter. Lecter calls her slippery, which is a nice compliment. We admire her for admitting what Miggs said to her.
Five Es
  • Eat: Never
  • Exercise: She’s running through a rigorous ropes course when we first meet her.
  • Economic Activity: She’s never not working.
  • Enjoy: Not really. She seems to enjoy her work well enough, but she’s pretty serious about it.
  • Emulate: She’s trying to act like an experienced FBI agent.
Rise above
  • She’ll break orders halfway in, but only so that she can do her job better than her boss.
High five a black guy:
  • She does indeed high five a black girl we rarely see again. (We find out in the deleted scenes that it’s her roommate)
  • “You grilled me pretty hard on the Bureau’s civil right record in the Hoover years.”

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