Friday, May 15, 2020

I Cheat On James Again! Here I Am on the Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast

Bulletproof Screenwriting is a great podcast where they talk to all the biggies in screenwriting ...and me! Host Alex Ferrari actually gets me to talk about my abortive career and lessons from the trenches, a topic James and I have studiously avoided. Of course, I talk about Star Wars too much, and I cover some of the same material from the most recent episode of my own podcast, but that’s only about five minutes, so just skim through it. Most of this is pretty new and there’s lots of good stuff here. Enjoy!


James Kennedy said...

You didn't mention me enough.

Matt Bird said...

It was all cut for being too slanderous.

Friday said...

Again, eh? How did I miss all the other times!?

Matt Bird said...

Some previous times I've cheated on James:



And of course, these, which are still available on iTunes, I believe, though these links no longer work:

Friday said...

Thanks. Those were good, but there's something about the Matt and James polite headbutting that elevates the SoS podcasts to great.