Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I Love This App For Listening to Your Manuscript

Hey guys, I occasionally let people pitch their apps here even though I haven’t really tried them, but in this case I’m voluntarily pitching an app because I really like it.  If you’ve read my book, you know that I say you should listen to your writing read aloud by your computer, in order to find typos and separate yourself from the material for a rewrite.  Well, I left it up to you how to do that, and you may have discovered that the tools that were available kind of sucked.  No longer!  There’s a great new app called “Edit Out Loud” that exists just for that purpose.  When it first dropped, it had problems, but the creator of the app was very responsive to all my concerns and worked with me to get it up and running on my phone.  I’ve listened to a few book for my manuscript consultation service on it and it works like a charm.  You can even mark it up to a certain extent while you listen!  Get this app before you revise.


Anonymous said...

Hi, reading through your book; where do you download: "So now we have an exhaustive (and, yes, exhausting) list of 122 questions in seven categories."?

Bird, Matt. The Secrets of Story (p. 298). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

You just give the URL SecretsOfStory.com, but no direct link, and you have a wealth of info here, so not sure exactly where it is?


Anonymous said...

You can’t see it on mobile, but it’s the second link on the right sidebar if you load the full/Desktop version of the site: http://www.secretsofstory.com/2017/05/all-charts-mentioned-in-book-and-some.html

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the app recommendation. You don't happen to have a favorite for android or windows do you?

Matt Bird said...

Oh, is that one not for android/Windows? I'm sure it will be soon.