Thursday, June 08, 2017

How to Train Your Dragon: The Archive

One of the first movies I spent a lot of time on.  In regards to the third piece below, I’ve now seen Up many times with my daughter, and it bugs me more and more every time that he’s able to throw away his walker at the end due to an attitude adjustment.  I’ve also seen this one many times with her, and admire it more every time.


Anonymous said...

Being able(or comfortable) to walk without a walking stick again after some exercise isn’t too outlandish (the exercise would look different than in up, sure, but that isn’t supposed to be realistic)
But in principle I agree. I’m just less sure 90% of the audience agree.

James Kennedy said...

Matt, but you liked it when Martin Freeman threw away his cane in Sherlock!

Matt Bird said...

I did! You give advice for too long and you start to contradict yourself. Sherlock had already established that it was a psychosomatic limp, but Up was clearly a case of old age.