Saturday, November 05, 2016

Yay, the Podcast is Finally Up on iTunes!

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McL said...

Slow/awkward open, but solid first podcast. I enjoyed hearing you two try to solve the space dog story.

I'm going to side with James that the audience is yours to lose. I don't think I'd go through my work looking for hammy lines.

A lot of the response is on the audience's shoulders. If you WANT to believe in Thor, then the ridiculous Asgardian lore being spewed at you is acceptable, even when it's not perfectly pulled off. If you'd rather watch a realistic war movie, then you probably aren't going to be give it a chance to begin with. People who believe "realism" or "naturalism" is an admirable trait in a movie won't like it, but so what? That's usually a self-consciousness on the part of the audience member, and it extends beyond film watching.

Maybe hammy is just a tone, and has its place depending on the story and your own personal style as a writer?

The Prufeshanul said...

Good first episode - i felt the opening banter was slightly too forced and over-zany but thats always the casd when starting off with a new format and establishing your characters.

What came out for me was the difference between the two contributors - Matt is right to identify the book as being better for rewrites because, at heart, he is a designer of story hence the intense analysis and desire to make things smooth and knock off any awkward corners. This is exactly what good design should be - something that goes down easily, that doesnt get in the way, something that works.

But what is the contrast between art and design?

In contrast, art asks difficult questions, makes you feel uneasy is messy and sticks with you.

I remember reading an interview with Stephen Bayley and he was pointing out that great design bridges these two spheres - he compared the side profile of a Porsche 911 to a seashell and showed how it was slightly silly - and thats what made it great.

Finally, the music is awful - anodyne and meandering and without a recognisable tune. Anythibg involving "secrets" and "story" should be magical and yet have an underlying order and energy. Give Madeon a call :)