Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Book Video: Tricks and Traps

Hey guys, time for video #2: Tricks and Traps. I’ll be honest with you, folks, I was pretty bummed to get no comments on the first video. Tell me what you think, guys! Could I do better? Should I do more? Comments, please!


Jesse Baruffi said...

Hi Matt,

I think your videos are just fine, and you give decent examples to make your points. I suspect if there's a reason your regulars aren't commenting, it's because for us, it's stuff you've already talked about before. So don't feel too bummed about it.

Mark said...

I agree with Jesse - the Objects video was great (I posted it on facebook!) but it was all stuff I'd read on the blog.

OK - now for some constructive criticism:

- I'm not sure if you have a certain length you're going for in these videos, but I felt like this one in particular could have used more examples. It would take a lot of work, but I'm imagining some sort of quick montage of lines akin to Luke's "I guess that's what you're best at".

- One of the great things about this type of tool is that you can use direct examples instead of explaining scenes at length, so I was a bit put-off by the Bridesmaids example - we saw the scene, but without most of the dialog (because you were explaining the point) we really didn't *see* the "tricks and traps"

But again, it's possible that we, your regular readers, aren't the best audience for these, since we already understand the point. It'd be good to get feedback from people for whom the ideas are fresh - then you'd know whether, for instance, more examples would be helpful or just confusing.

Patrick said...

Hey Matt,

It's been a long time. Congrats on the book. I hope you sell a million of them, you're that good.

I used to read your blog everyday until I discovered Jeff Walker and a bunch of other online jokers who use video sales letters to self promote on the Internet. Now, I'm becoming a joker.

Really, I was reading your blog everyday back in 2014, not that you post everyday. I've come back to writing fiction again, Sci-fi. I'm hoping to write a short story with a ear to screen writing so that when it's published, it'll possibly get the attention of somebody in Hollywood or wherever and get optioned. Or, more likely make it easier when I finally write a screenplay for it myself.

Big plans aside, this video isn't that bad of an idea--make a movie review style video to sell your book. But, it's no video sales letter. You need one of them. I know I mentioned this to you before. You still have time. Just go to 'anybody' who claims to be able to make a video sales letter, anybody. I'm sorry it's that important, Matt. Take the punch to the stomach and go crawling to some joker advertiser for help with your videos you are making to promote your book. Anybody can help you. I have a few in mind if you would like to know.

If your publisher is $advertising$ your book, it's not so important, but if they aren't. Yep, you need a video sales letter.

I had to watch the whole video to figure this out. At first it was cool, sort of a mini-lesson. Then finally, you make a plea for us to check out your book at the end. I'm buying your book because you have this awesome blog where you have studied all of the greats and some of that has rubbed off on yourself. And, I'm hoping it'll rub off on me.

This video is a great mini-lesson but videos on writing usually kill my imagination, it's the double voice of visuals and commentary. Kills it, dead.

Good luck with the book. I'm sure you've carved your place out on the book shelf.

PS Get some reviews up at Amazon pronto. I just ordered my copy (this video sold one book, sorry I've been busy)and my review will follow in a week or two.

Your bud,


Garrett said...

I've liked both videos you've posted so far! It is a bit of a crowded field at this point with "Every Frame a Painting" and "Nerd Writer," but I think you may have an edge because your topics (so far) are much more narrow and focused on screenwriting, as opposed to larger aspects of film making. That's good.

I'm not sure if you were soliciting feedback per se, but if so, I might suggest considering a bit of intro/outro music or a bed underneath your narration. Keep it up, your ideas are potent, so I'm sure you will make them great!

Jonathan Auxier said...

I love your Star Wars examples ... especially because it demonstrates that James Kennedy won the Luke Skywalker fight!