Monday, November 03, 2014

Sick Family Week

The house resounds with coughs. Devoting this week to recuperation.  We’ll dive into a great movie next week!


j.s. said...

Hope you guys all feel better. And hope you get to see NIGHTCRAWLER which I'd be surprised if you didn't end up admiring and writing about.

Matt Bird said...

We're all still sick out of our minds, and have been for over a month now. Everything I've heard about NIGHTCRAWLER has been amazing, so I'll hopefully get to see it in the theater. I did see BIRDMAN and loved that.

PaulClarke said...

Hi Matt, get well soon.

After seeing the real life example of head-heart-gut in the Humans of New York articles I've also stumbled upon a big time real life example.

Well, maybe not entirely real life as I'm sure they accentuate it for the show, but if you look at the presenters of the immensely popular TOP GEAR it's a clear case of head, heart, gut.

James May = Head
Richard Hammond = Heart
Jeremy Clarkson = Gut

Considering how long the show has been running, and how popular it remains, it seems like a clear great example of the strengths of that setup. It also explains why they show has so much personality when compared to the foreign versions such as the U.S. or Australian ones.

Having recently seen a season 2 episode right after watching a season 21 episode it's clear the difference was there but it slowly grew stronger and stronger over the years, as they each took their role.