Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well Said, Namor!

Where are these posts I keep promising?? Well, I’ve been working on them all week, but, unlike Dr. Kissinger, I’m unwilling to place expediency over sound judgment, so I cannot release them until they’re done.  I’ll have to launch the series on Sunday. (I promise!) In the meantime, here's a too-small-to-do-you-any-good preview of the massive structure chart I've been making all week...just to prove that I have been slaving away for you...


James Kennedy said...

Good Lord. This project is rapidly turning into a madman's quest. That terrifying chart--I have a feeling it's scrawled on your bedroom wall in crabbed magic marker, stretching up across the ceiling and spilling over onto adjacent walls. It is, isn't it? Betsy is shrieking at you to stop but you can barely hear her, you are slowly banging your head into the wall, again and again, because you're INSIDE the chart, can't she see that?! And the chart IS YOU!

Paul Clarke said...

... better magic marker than faeces!

Seriously though, keep up the good work. We can wait. All the hard work is so greatly appreciated.