Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Update to the Ultimate Story Checklist

Well, folks, you may have noticed that I’ve been adding a lot of items to our various checklists recently (How to Generate a Story Idea, How to Create a Compelling Character, How to Build a Scene, etc…), and you might have guessed that this is what we’ve been building up to: a major update of The Ultimate Story Checklist.  

I’ve added several questions to lists, tweaked some of the older questions, changed some of the linking to point to more relevant posts, etc… (I’ve also taken this opportunity to go back and make the damn thing more grammatically correct—I got tired of reading phrases like “a hero who know what they want”)

At the bottom, I’ve also made it easier to download the checklist.  Go knock yourselves out!  


William said...

I still find it impossible to download without being taken to some bizarre sight that is trying way to hard to get my credit card information.

Matt Bird said...

Wow! That sucks. That site didn't used to do that! I've deleted it entirely for now.

Can anyone recommend a good free download host?

Matt Bird said...

Okay, I switched to the less fancy but more reliable SendSpace. Let me know if there are any more problems.