Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Long National Nightmare Continues

The epic blogspot crash of aught-10 is officially over, but the damage will live on. This blog lost six fine comments (3 each on the last two days’ posts), too young to have their brief flames snuffed out. I salute them. I had a post ready to go yesterday, but maybe I should just save it for next week now... (The saddest thing about all this was that I kept waiting for the crippling of 90% of the blogosphere to make the news somewhere, but it never did... as if perhaps we’re all just talking to ourselves here...)


James Kennedy said...

I will not be silenced, Bird. Not by you. Not by anyone. The next time I see you, I will forcibly tattoo my deleted comment on your forehead. Fair warning!

j.s. said...

Heard a story once about a big-time TV writer-producer whose most recent draft of an episode under deadline was -- yikes! -- accidentally deleted by his assistant. Was said assistant mortified? Of course. Was said assistant fired? No way. And the best part is the remarkable Obama-like cool of the showrunner who simply went back to his writing desk after saying: "It wasn't all that great anyway. I'll probably come up with something better this time."

James Kennedy said...

And my computer does care about me.