Saturday, April 03, 2010

Great Moments in Comics #4: God-Man and the Ghost of James Caan

Following up on yesterday’s Kate Beaton cartoons, let’s jump over to another favorite of mine who’s been following a similarly eclectic path. Ruben Bolling’s “Tom the Dancing Bug” was often lumped in with Tom Tomorrow’s strip when they both burst onto the alternative-weekly comics scene twenty years ago, but Bolling’s comics are less overtly political, frequently more clever, and always much weirder. Like Beaton, he rotates through a variety of semi-regular features, from the personal to the topical to the post-modern.

God-Man has been appearing occasionally since 1998, which makes me feel old. He’s the omnipotent super-hero who nevertheless manages to let humanity down.

Super-Fun-Pak Comix is a catch-all of Bolling’s weirdest ideas. A frequently recurring hero is the ghost of James Caan. Who isn’t dead.

Did I mention how much I love Percival Dunwoody too? Here’s his first appearance, just for good measure:


thomas4143 said...

So many great things to love about Tom The Dancing Bug.

SDC said...

I agree, I much prefer Tom the Dancing Bug to Tom Tomorrow, there's a much broader range of topics and a richer imagination at work.

On the political end of things, the 'Lucky Ducky' series is especially great.

Matt Bird said...

I love Lucky Duck! I could have done a whole showcase of those.

For those who haven't seen, Ruben Bolling himself was cool enough to tweet and blog about this entry, and then he posted a correction, showing the REAL first
Percival Dunwoody.