Friday, March 19, 2010

A Brave New World

It’s hard to believe that this blog is less than a hundred days old! It’s been both exhausting and rewarding. I’m glad that I chose a format that forced to me to write a lot, generating a lot of content and forcing me to develop a lot of blog-discipline, right out of the gate. I’m gratified at the response I’ve gotten and I’m glad that there are many of you out there checking in every day.

Of course, to a certain degree, this blog has been a victim of its own success. I started blogging to get myself writing again after a long illness, and that’s worked out well. I also wanted the blog to remind the powers-that-be that I was out there and it’s done that too. When I started this blog three months ago, I was worried that my screenwriting career had stalled out and I wanted to give myself a shot in the arm. Recently, possibly because of the blog, the phone has been ringing again, and I’ve now got people waiting for pages. Of course, this has convinced me that I should keep the blog going to generate more opportunities, but it’s also made it impossible for me to watch and analyze a movie every day.

So will I keep up the blog? You bet! Every day? Yeah! How? Some format tweaks:

  • I’ll still do at least 2 underrated movies a week! (with occasional TV and Special Guest Picks mixed in)
  • I’ll now mix in about 3 entries a week called “Storyteller’s Rulebook”. This was originally going to be a book of its own, and I’ve been writing these up for years in preparation. I’m going to turn them into blog entries. Don’t worry, they’re not that different from what you’ve been reading: they’ll have more of my thoughts on storytelling, just not necessarily focused around the analysis of one movie.
  • Also, as of tomorrow, I’ve run out of “Comics I Love Even Though I’ve Only Seen the Covers”, so that’ll be replaced with “On Beyond Superheroes”, spotlighting countdown lists of my favorite comics in other genres, every Saturday. And each Sunday will feature a complete story from one of my picks.
  • And there should soon be another new feature, done in conjunction with one of my favorite blogs, that would bring with it many new readers. I can’t say more yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one. Let’s just say that I hope to make a deal that’ll keep the empire out of my hair for a long time…

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