Sunday, January 10, 2010


Do you know what it's like to slave away, day after day, for a whole week, without the recognition of my peer group? --Having to read "Best Blogs of '09" lists that failed to recognize me simply because (a) it's all a popularity contest and (b) my blog didn't exist yet in '09? Well, no more! Monica Edinger, on her excellent blog Educating Alice, has given Cockeyed Caravan a "One Lovely Blog" award as one of ten notable less-well-known blogs. Can a hasty Nobel Peace Prize be far behind? Full disclosure: I know Monica, but I had no idea that she knew I had a blog. I heartily recommend her blog as well-- lots of websites have criticized Avatar, but how many have criticized it by comparing it to the paternalistic poetry of Alexander Pope? Take that, James Cameron!

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Monica Edinger said...

Just keep it going beyond the first week. That's all.

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