Friday, December 09, 2022

New Book Video! The Secrets of Character: Believe

Hi folks!  

So, after much delay (I’d hoped to get these up in time to promote the book for the Christmas season), I’ve got the first of my three Secrets of Character videos: Believe. I could post the other two right away, but first I thought I’d give you guys a chance to tell me what you think of this one, and I can decide if I want to make any changes. (YouTube doesn’t let you make changes to videos, so you just have to take it down and repost.) So what do you think of it? Is this the kind of video you want to see? Is there there anything that should be cut or added? Some context I should clarify or a bigger point I should make at the beginning or end?

Thanks so much for your help! I hope you enjoy the video. Two more are coming soon.

(We’re not quite done with the AI series, since James and I recorded a podcast about it last night, but it’s not edited yet and I wanted to go ahead and get these out.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your book, Matt. I just came across it in our small town public library. Feels so providential. Only two chapters in, but wow, it's tremendous! I'm confident that this is one of the tools I've sought to help me finish my WIP. Really enjoying its tone and practicality. You've made this granny very happy 😊

Matt Bird said...

Wonderful, so glad it's helpful.

Anonymous said...


McL said...

Fantastic video for a fantastic book, Matt! I offer these suggestions:
A) After you introduce a bulleted BCI, you launch right into a bullet train of suggestions. Your book is very careful to tell us not to pick ALL of them, but use it like a menu. I'd love this preparation.
B) Identify each menu option with a visual cue, like a title card or an overlayed bit of text
C) Your sound mix is very up and down. From quiet to too loud (at least for me)
D) Because you just drop us into a scene for one line without all the context before, it can be hard to hear the words, and having captions would be a great help. Plus having captions helps your SEO I believe.

Matt Bird said...

Thanks for all the tips! I'll have to look into captioning.

McL said...

It occurred to me that the main opening to this video is ironic, because you are not taking time to make be believe, care and invest in the video series. :D I would love to see a montage of characters' iconic introductions, rather than a prolonged save the cat reference.

Friday said...

SO much packed into one video.

I would rather see just one way to get an audience to Believe in a character explored in 3-5 minutes of detail (see YouTube algorithm tips for what length is optimal), with more examples. Then I'm prompted to buy the book for more, since the promise is that this is just one of many.

Also, just from a public speaking perspective, speaking slowly is more engaging than speaking quickly.

And if you don't give away all of your content at once, you can do another series later with another of the many tips, still not give everything away, but have more consistent content over time.

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