Monday, April 04, 2022

Episode 36: Save the Cat with Sophie Beal and Gary Dalkin

The Secrets of Story Podcast is back, baby! We recorded an episode a while ago that turned out so poorly that it led to a falling out, but now we’ve canned that episode and we have a bright, shiny new episode that went much better. This episode, we welcome two very special guests! Sophie Beal is the Co-Director and Founder of Cadence Publishing, and Gary Dalkin is the Senior Associate Editor with Cadence Publishing and a freelance editor at To The Last Word. They have an article in the upcoming issue of Writing where they’ll debate the merits of Blake Snyder’s infamous book of writing advice, “Save the Cat”. They offered to preview that article here and the four of us have a good time hashing it out.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Gary ask you to check out “Sold”, their latest book from Cadence Publishing. The log line: “Fifteen-year-old Roza thinks she's leaving Albania for better things in the UK. But her dad has sold her as a slave. Whatever it takes, she has to break free.” 

And of course you should check out James’s latest novel “Dare to Know”!

And you can pre-order my new book, “The Secrets of Character: Writing a Hero Anyone Will Love”, which is sort of book-long rebuttal to the titular advice in “Save the Cat”.

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