Friday, October 22, 2021

Marvel Reread Club Episode 14: April 1963

Welcome back to Marvel Reread Club! It’s April 1963, including Fantastic Four #13, Journey Into Mystery featuring Thor #91, Strange Tales featuring the Human Torch #107, Tales of Suspense featuring Iron Man #40, and Tales to Astonish featuring Ant-Man #42. Ape astronauts! Convenient belts of strength! Pufferfish powers! Transistor-powered foldable metal! I am proven wrong about four different things!
And here’s the version on Marvel Unlimited with “Yourself” instead of “Myself”! I think Steve’s correct: It was incorrectly lettered “Yourself”, they pasted on a correction saying “Myself”, and then the pasted correction fell off the art before they scanned it 50 years later. What makes it weird is that, if you do a Google search for the cover, you only get “Myself” versions, including computer colored versions!


Steve Bird said...

Don't know for sure this link will work, but I took a screen cap of the Marvel Unlimited version of the Tales to Astonish cover with "yourself" instead of "myself."


Steve Bird said...
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Joel W. said...

On a related note to Stan Lee being the watcher in the MCU... I am only mildly embarrassed to say that when I saw Infinity War in theaters, I thought something way different was going on when Thanos' post-snap dream scene began. I remember thinking: "He's waking up and gonna meet Stan Lee!" And Thanos was going to find out how his universe was created by Stan Lee (and others). Maybe they'd have a philosophical chat. Or something like that.

During that moment, I really thought Thanos was going to meet Stan... haha! Didn't happen, but perhaps not the worst idea out there!

Matt Bird said...

They could have made that work!

Danny said...

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