Friday, July 16, 2021

Episode 29: Author Draft, Artifact Draft, Audience Draft with Jonathan Auxier

The Secrets of Story Podcast is back! Sorry for the long delay-- I promise it’s not because I’ve been distracted by my shiny new podcast (Marvel Reread Club), this episode just took a lot of effort to make happen. In the end, just like the last two episodes of MRC, we had enough material from this SOS recording session to make two episodes. In this case, it was trickier, because our conversation with Jonathan Auxier jumped back and forth between two topics, each of which deserved their own episode, so I had to carefully disentangle them to become episodes 29 and 30.

Here is the first of those episodes, and it’s a doozie! Jonathan introduces the idea of the “Sayers Triangle”, which basically boils down to this: Everything you write needs an Author Draft, an Artifact Draft, and an Audience Draft. James and I are blown away by this, and we spend 40 minutes grappling with it.  Eventually, we end up discussing how it applies to Jonathan’s new book series “The Fabled Stables” and it all becomes clear...  

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McL said...

I enjoyed this conversation. It helps unmuddy the way people talk about author and audience experience. I know that I like clarity in mine and other people's work, and thinking about "how will the audience react to this part? Is it the way I want?" seems like a very valid question. Even if the answer is "for it to be unclear", I want them to decide to make it unclear, rather than them have not thought about how people will respond.

Also, I just put Fabled Stable books on hold from out library. They sound up my kids' alley.