Saturday, January 16, 2021

31 Days of Believe Care Invest: The Wizard of Oz

Young Dorothy comes home to her farm in Kansas to report that Miss Gulch wants to order her dog destroyed. Her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em won’t listen to her. Miss Gulch shows up with an order from the sheriff and takes Toto, but Toto runs away from her back to Dorothy, who decides to run away from home. On her journey, she meets a phony psychic named Professor Marvel who pretends to see that Auntie Em misses her. Dorothy heads home, but a tornado hits and she finds the house empty. The house flies up in the air and lands in the (color) land of Oz on top of an evil witch. The locals celebrate her and a good witch rewards her with magic slippers. 

Why Dorothy might be hard to identify with: When she falls in the pigsty, her dress doesn’t get dirty, which makes her hard to believe in.

  • We love heroes that ride bicycles. They are exercising and interacting with their world.
  • She has the ultimate “I want” song, giving us a glimpse into her heart.
  • She actually has a really strong motivation to run away from home: to save her dog’s life. We agree with her.
  • We see her strong, unique reasons for running away, but her general desires are universal enough that Professor Marvel can guess them: They don’t understand you at home, they don’t appreciate you.”
  • Miss Gulch wants to kill her dog!
  • Nobody will listen to her.
  • We care for naïve heroes and she’s naïve in her dealing with Professor Marvel.
  • She straight up gets caught in a tornado. Her family closes themselves in the cellar without her.
  • We see that she’s brave and gung-ho when she refuses to avoid Miss Gulch and walks along the fence between the pig sties.
  • She runs away to save her dog.
  • She accidentally kills a witch and gets celebrated and rewarded with magic slippers
Strength/flaw: Defiant / inconsiderate of the feelings of others

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