Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Reviews Are Always Appreciated!

Hi, has my book/audiobook or the podcast been helpful to you? If you haven’t done so, and if you have a few minutes, could I ask you to review the book and/or podcast in these places? (Preferably, with, y’know, five stars, which is just a handsome number of stars) 

Of course, it’s always important to get lots of Amazon reviews. (Scroll down and click Write a Customer Review)

Maybe you like my audiobook? You can review the book on Audible. (Click on “More options”)

And hey, what about the podcast? You can like and review us on iTunes. (I don’t see how you can do it here, but you can do it by searching for The Secrets of Story Podcast in the iTunes store, then clicking on Ratings and Reviews)

Or you can review the podcast on Audible! We don’t have any reviews there yet. (Once again, click on “More Options”)

Thank you all so much for your support throughout the years.  The book and audiobooks make great Christmas gifts!  The podcast, alas, makes for a crappy Christmas gift because it’s free.  


James Kennedy said...

"It was only through suffering under Matt Bird that I was able to discover at last, via this podcast, the sprightly winsomeness that is James Kennedy, a life event that ranks only with the day of my marriage and the birth of my son as both revelatory and euphoric . . . "

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