Friday, October 02, 2020

So That's Over...

Well, folks, we have left the podcast network. I have now re-re-edited all the old podcasts, taken out the network tag, added the latest episodes to Soundcloud, updated the old episodes with the new art and music, redirected the rss to soundcloud, re-updated the embed on all the old blog posts, etc.

The original deal was 2 ads at the beginning and end of every episode, but then I had to add more and more, to the point where we had 16 ads in the Laika episode. It was just too much. But I figured, “Well, let’s wait to see if we're making a ton of money.” So I waited until we had 1664 downloads which is a respectable number, and I asked how much money we’d made so far. Guess how much? No, lower. Lower. Lower. We’d made $12.18. Of which the podcast network gets half, leaving $6.09. Which we split, leaving $3.04 and a half penny each. For many, many hours work. So we bailed. The original purpose of this podcast was to promote our brands, and it can do that better without the avalanche of ads. No need to subject you to that for pennies.

So the good news for you is that you get the beatiful new music and art without having to suffer with the ads that come with them. The bad news is that we’ll feel less pressure now to churn out a lot of episodes. But hey, there’s no reason we can’t be self-motivated, right? Right?

Here’s our latest episode again, now ad-free:


Anonymous said...

Sad it didn't work out. Hope you and James can keep making this wonderful podcast. Do what works for you.

Friday said...

No need to work yourself to death for pennies! But if I'm really hankering for an episode, out of curiosity, how much would it take to make that happen?


The Kid said...

I think that The Last Crusade works even with a weak villain because of the antagonistic relationship between Indy and his father. I'm curious what Matt and James think.