Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Podcast is Updated!

Have you ever thought, “I love the Secrets of Story Podcast, but I wish it had ads”? Well, good news, now your dream has come true! But don’t worry, it’s just two 30 second ads at the beginning and two at the end, all easily skippable!

Don’t worry folks, this is good news for you. The ads are there because we’re now members of the IFH Podcast network. You may recall that I was recently a guest on Alex Ferrari’s “Bulletproof Screenwriting” Podcast. We got along great, and decided to pool our podcasting resources!

So how does this benefit you? Well, for one thing, Alex is going to want us to post more often, so you’ll get more of the podcast. Second, James agreed to go along with this plan on two conditions: He wanted new art and new music. Well, now we have both!

If you were reading last week, you saw my lame attempts at art, and then you saw in the comments that a commenter named Jessica Friday offered help. I shared the first art she did, which we loved, and which started a conversation. I can now share the art that ultimately resulted, which I am happy to announce is the new (and retroactive) art for this blog. We love it!

But wait, there’s more! How many times has James complained on air about our old music? I’ll tell you: It’s five times. I know because I just had to cut them all out, because I removed that music from all 18 podcasts and added our new amazing theme music. Big-deal composer Haddon Kime (who had already graciously donated a piece of music to my wife’s podcast) agreed to compose an original theme for us as well, and it’s great. Haddon asked what we wanted and James ambitiously asked for “John Williams meets Danny Elfman”. Well, Haddon was actually up to that monumental task, and knocked it out of the park.

Each episode now begins with two ads, then the “bump” announcing the podcast network, then us welcoming you to the show, then Haddon’s amazing theme! And each episode now ends with a final flourish of the theme and then a spiel about liking and subscribing, etc.

Oh, and if you listen to the bit at the end, you’ll see that I did get the show an accursed Twitter handle. We’re @SecretsOfStory1. Which I will probably never use.  Check it all out here:
Listen to "Episode 1: Channeling Master Thespian" on Spreaker.


Parker said...

I liked the old music but I REALLY like the new music!

Friday said...

Hey, give me even more ads if it means more podcasts.

New music pleases the ears. First tweet is legendary.

I have been spreading the world.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! And turns out Friday is yet another J-name poster in diguise. Will the soundcloud account still be updated or no?