Sunday, July 19, 2020

Believe Care Invest: Iron Man

Why it might be hard to identify with Tony
  • He’s an asshole. He’s a merchant of death. He’s a trust fund baby. His womanizing has not aged well.
  • He’s so disarming and relaxed in the back of the Hum-V that he feels real. (“I don’t want to see this on your MySpace page”) He has distinct metaphor family and attitudes. Later, I love that he’s listening to “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies (“I just wanted a Pepsi!”) while he’s working. He’s not a stereotype of a rich guy or engineer. He feels like you could have a beer with him.
  • But we would despise him if his Hum-V caravan wasn’t blown up by terrorists. Then a bomb with his own name on it explodes and his shirt fills up with blood. Then he wakes up in a cave where terrorists are seemingly making a blackmail video of him. Then he finds out that his weapons are being used on innocent people. He has a bad day.
  • Everyone is amazed and intimidated by him. “You’ve been called the Da Vinci of our time.” He asks, “Feared or respected, is it too much to ask for both?”, and he does get both.
  • The ultimate bad-ass shorthand: Cool guys don’t look at explosions.  Yes, I will share the video again: 

Five Es
  • Eat: He’s drinking alcohol.
  • Exercise: Not really.
  • Economic Activity: He’s closing a big sale when we first meet him.
  • Enjoy: He’s very much enjoying himself, no matter what he does.
  • Emulate: He’s emulating his father a bit, but also refusing to do so.
Rise above
  • He doesn’t show up to get a business award because he’s playing in a casino instead. Then he gives the award away to a casino girl.
High five a black guy
  • A black guy says that Tony is his friend and mentor (but it’s a fully-realized character, so it’s not bad.)

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