Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Updated Tags

Ah, remember the old logo?  So nostalgic!  Okay guys, I’ll have a spectacular new checklist next week, but in the meantime, here’s a wealth of material: This summer I took advantage of my time off and spent a few days going back and tagging the last several years of posts! Now when you click on any of my seven main skills of writing, you’ll get all 9 3/4 years of posts on that topic:


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Joel W. said...

Hi Matt--been going through your wonderful blog since last March. If there's one thing that has been itching in the back of my mind after all this time, it's your ostensible lack of empirical evidence regarding the prominence tricks and traps. Don't get me wrong, the checklists--all 43(!?!) of them--are fantastic...

...But remember when you did that complete scene ranking rundown of 40 Year Old Virgin to see how many scenes were ranked 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? You came to the conclusion that because it was a heartfelt comedy movie, it had fewer 4s and 5s than other movies would. Proportional to its runtime, it certainly had fewer 4s and 5s than the episodes of Breaking Bad that you've dissected. But BB is a show about hiding a secret--inherently requiring tricks and traps. Could its scene rankings be uncommonly high?

We don't really KNOW whether, say, The Fugitive, Iron Man, or an episode of 24, tally up just as high as BB, despite them not being comedies. Would the typical 'good' movie or TV episode truly have as many 4s and 5s as you've led us to believe?

You have the general checklists for the overall movie quality, but we know (per the Tarantino Axiom) that individual scenework is what tends to hook and keep viewers' attention; perhaps it would be interesting to see more scene rundown posts.

Of course, complete scene rundown like this would require the return of Matt the Machine. Plus, we don't really know how helpful an empirical study would be. It might be superfluous (but maybe not!). Sept 21 2019